Icefall by Matthew J. Kirby

First of all, I believe that this may be my last book review/post in a while…My mother has blown the roof when I asked her if I could purchase—with my own money—another book to read. She says that the free space in my average-sized bedroom is nearly, fully gone with all the books taking up space…which I sort of agree (._.);  I’m very sure that if anything accidentally hits the tall pile standing before my bed, it’ll sway and come crashing down to the floor in front or behind which is on me—which is bad on both ends because my precious books will be hurt! *coughs*

Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure I’ll go ninja to get my hands on another book (or to use the internet to get on Wattpad) to read since almost everybody I know knows that I’ll enter story-withdrawal, and probably scare them senseless with me blabbing nonsense to Fran, when I’ve nothing to read ;)

Now, on to my probably last book review in a while~!

Icefall by Matthew J. Kirby is truly a cleverly written book. It is full of emotion which is true as I’ve been brought to tears several times for Solvieg, the main character of the story.  The story format is great too. No confusion whatsoever when the reader is reading about Solvieg’s memories!

Besides that, the characters are so real that it nearly scared me because I never thought that a person could bring the characters alive so…so…vividly. It’s like the characters in the book aren’t characters created from the imagination of an author, but they were real, live and breathing people instead. I can definitely tell that Icefall was indeed, a hard book to write. The fact that Icefall is Matthew J. Kirby’s second book astounds me. While some take time—several years more or less—to reach such level of writing, it seems that it is a talent already within Matthew J. Kirby. He might as well be a real skald who’s better at storytelling than Solvieg!

This is definitely a book that you have to pick up and give it a go.  Don’t judge the first few pages and think that the rest will bore you. The wrapped up parcel is only being unraveled carefully so the contents within would not be disturbed. Finish the entire book. You will not regret it. I know I’ve enjoyed it to the extent of getting the headache gained from reading in a moving vehicle because I couldn’t and didn’t want to put the book down until I’ve finished reading it!

Rating: A full five glistening golden stars!


….By the way, I wonder how a story will turn out if an author possesses both Matthew J. Kirby and Alice Hoffman‘s talent? I’m thinking of a breathlessly beautiful and scarily realistic result!

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  1. ellisnelson
    Jul 30, 2012 @ 08:54:07

    A really fun read!


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